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Custom Volunteer Appreciation Pin Review

June 9, 2015

Custom Angel Pin

Cynthia R. showed appreciation to her volunteers with Angel Pins. Pins can be customized with your wording up to 28 letters and spaces, and your choice of Swarovski® Crystal color.

Custom Years of Service Pins

June 2, 2015

Custom Years of Service Pins

Sharyn recognizes her staff with custom Years of Service Pins. She chose the Classic Pin.

Star Lapel Pins for Your Stars

April 28, 2015

Custom Star Lapel Pin Badges

Your stars deserve stars. Shop custom star lapel pins! 

Custom Lapel Pins

April 7, 2015

Custom Appreciation Pins, Custom Lapel Pins, Recogntion Pins, Years of Service Recognition

Thank You Judy! We love hearing how people use #recognition pins. Judy chose the Historic Key Pin, and the Soaring Star Pin.

To see more pins that are great for volunteers visit

Celebrate Each Person on Your Team with Custom Recognition

March 17, 2015

Customer Comment Brown Industries

Laura Y. chose the Celebration Pin. She customized it with her choice of wording and stone color. Customization is FREE on 10 or more alike of the same pin. 

Custom Employee Recognition Pins

February 24, 2015

Everyone looks forward to custom pins

John has ordered his staff custom recognition pins for 17 years! His staff, and former staff members still have their collections. The past few pins that he chose were the Classic Radience PinBlue Ribbon Pin, and Rhodium Shield Pin. Each year he cutomizes the pins with the wording, and crystal color of his choice. 

Custom Pins for Medical Student Graduation

July 21, 2014

Medical Student Graduation

"We were very happy with the customer services, efficiency and quality/cost of the Medical Assistant pins. Our Medical Assistant Program graduation is... July 7 and we are very excited to present the pins to students during the ceremony."

- Peggy D.

Thanks for the compliments Peggy, and congratulations to the Newly graduated Medical Assistants!

Peggy chose the  Medallion Pin



Meaningful Recognition 23 Years Later

April 28, 2014

Custom Recognition Society Pin

Last week, we received an inspiring call. Nancy S. had been searching all over to find us. Twenty three years ago she received a Classic pin, and needed to get a new one. We were thrilled to hear that after 23 years Nancy's pin was still a meaningful symbol and prized possession. 

Nancy has a Classic Pin, one of our most popular and timeless designs. Pins are customized free when you order as few as 10 alike with your wording, and choice of sparkling Swarovski® crystal stone color. 

Our customers say it best - Pamela L.

November 22, 2013
Pamela L. wrote, "We use our Brown Originals for our annual service awards program for employees. 2012 was our first year ordering from you, and we are customers for life.
The customer service is excellent, I always receive a follow-up to ensure the order is correct before processing, and the delivery time is beyond compare. We ordered our products on November 6, and were given an expected delivery time before Thanksgiving. We received the products today (11/18), and I am VERY pleased with the products ordered. I would definitely recommend Brown Industries to any company that plans to extend employee appreciation gifts or any other type of function where you plan to recognize individuals for their service or contributions."
Thank you for the great review Pamela. We are excited to hear about the difference you are making  at City Government of Goldsboro, NC with custom years of service awards.

Customer Comments - Brenda T.

May 22, 2013

Brenda T. wrote, "I am currently at another hospital. I ordered these for my previous staff & remembered the impact - same thing happened here. Great speed & everything was so classy & professional."


Brenda ordered custom Badge Holder Pins for her staff: