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Celebrate Excellence with Lapel Pins Customized Free

June 2, 2015

Custom Lapel Pins, Custom Pin Badges

Is your team excellent? Award them with custom Excellence Pins! Choose your wording up to 28 letters and spaces, and your crystal color. Customization is free on 10 or more alike.

Custom Color Plaques

May 12, 2015

Custom Color Plaques

Customize your color plaque with a logo, or picture. Shop custom plaques.



Custom Teacher's Lapel Pins

May 6, 2015

Custom Lapel Pin Badges

Happy TeachersDay! You have the education, we have the lapel pins. Shop teachers pins.

4 Elements of a Successful Peer Recognition Program

February 6, 2015

Peer Recognition Ideas

The people that we work closest with have a wonderful perspective on our contributions, and behavior. Peer recognition can unite and strengthen your team by encouraging them to notice and appreciate the good works of others. There's no question that appreciation from a manager is important, but giving a percentage of recognition responsibility to peers encourages a culture of appreciation that fosters camaraderie; a key to retention. We've identified five elements to help you create a successful peer recognition program. 

1.  Make it Meaningful: Encourage your team to be specific when giving praise for more meaningful recognition. Instead of "Melanie did a great job!" Try "Thank you Melanie for being thorough with this report. It helped me to achieve my goal, and I appreciate that." 

2.  Take Action Today: Using a system that aims for immediate gratification will motivate employees to give feedback. If the peer compliments become a pile before you do anything with them, you will loose momentum.

3.  Get Them Involved: Let employees help in deciding how the program will be designed, and how it should evolve and change. They will feel more invested... and if the whole team is on board, it will cause a greater impact. 

4.  Praise in Public:  Read comments aloud, give meaningful recognition in front of the team. Or, you may choose to post them for everyone to see.

BrownOriginals are a great way to give meaningful recognize your staff. Choose your meaningful wording, and your Swarovski Crystal color, or your logo. This public recognition will make them feel great. Get started today!

Do you have a winning strategy for peer recognition? We would love to hear what works for you on our comments page.

Motivate Your Team with Recognition Programs!

April 16, 2013


There are many ways to use Brown's appreciation awards to initiate programs that motivate your team!

Years of Service programs are a great way to give recognition to each person. Give Years of Service Awards as part of a special presentation to show your staff they are valued for their work and dedication. 

You can also create your own recognition programs, as many of our customers have! Cheryl K. recently shared her story with us. At her home health care company, pins are given to honor employees that show themselves to be real heroes. She customized our Classic Pin to create different hero pins for RN, LPN, HHA, and caregivers. When a member of the staff does something truly honorable, they are awarded a pin to commemorate their achievement! 

Another customer told us about how the hotel housekeeping staff strive to earn pins that represent the quality of their work. Their work is evaluated by a manager based on a scoring system, and they receive the Brilliant Star Pin with different stones based upon the level they achieve. Since the hotel began this program, they were happy to report that every member of the housekeeping staff has moved up at least one level!

Do you have a story to share with us? Write us on our Comments Page!


Give Years of Service Recognition!

March 12, 2013

Years of Service awards are a great way to recognize each person on your team.

Colleen W. wrote, "Our employees were excited to be acknowledged for excellence & for years tenured!"


Brown offers a variety of Years of Service award options. One of our most popular is the Years of Service Pin, which is available customized or ready-to-ship. This classic design can be made with your wording and choice of stone color, or, you can choose in-stock pins that are available in years 1 through 50.

Another great Years of Service award is our Color Waves Design Pin. This vibrant design comes in six different colors, and is also available as a Years of Service Plaque. They make for a stunning combination!

See these along with all our other Years of Service products at!